Connecting Canada's Arts and Culture in the Territories

About the N3 Summit

N3, the idea of a cross-territorial performing and visual arts network in Canada has a place at the national table and is already recognized at the CAPACOA (Canadian Arts Presenting Organization) National Network Meetings and has the financial support of Heritage Canada.

The gathering for the N3 Arts Presenting Summit will bring together individuals whose work is primarily in the cultural sectors – performing arts, visual arts, heritage and culture. This gathering will provide opportunities for these individuals and organizations to come together, to learn; to engage in meaningful dialogue and to be inspired.


There was a meeting of all stakeholders from Yukon and a representative from each of the three northern regions in 2014 in Whitehorse called Yukon Arts Presenters Summit. It was decided at that meeting, that work would continue to strengthen each regions’ presenting capacity and then eventually move toward a larger tri-territorial network called N3.

Since that time, the Yukon Arts Centre, KIAC and many other groups have been working on developing Yukon’s overall presenting capacity.

There was a strong recommendation at the last Summit that we meet every two years; however, funding was only obtained in 2017. The next steps will be determined at the Summit, but we hope there is concrete interest in creating a network of communities to work together for the benefit of all Northerners in the areas of arts, culture and heritage.  In order to facilitate the best use of our time together, the topics that will be covered at the conference will be driven by the participants.


  • Stronger linkages between Northern cultural organizations whose work involves some type of presenting activity.
  • The cultural sector has made connections into other sectors such as economic development, social services, justice and health sectors.
  • Stronger linkages between Northern communities
  • Enhanced capacities in the cultural sector to present, produce, support and encourage arts and artists.
  • Recognition by the public of the social and economic value of the cultural sector
  • A dialogue with the tourism sector with a view to the place of the cultural sector in the future of the North’s tourism industry.
  • Human Resource Management will be enhanced in the cultural sector including:
    • Best practices
    • Development of fair wages for the sector
    • Identification of training gaps
    • Mapping of cultural resources in Yukon

A Steering Committee has been struck to help with the planning of this gathering. They are:

Karen Dubois – KIAC

Duncan Sinclair – Jazz Yukon

Andrea  Vincent - Dawson City Music Festival

Sophie Tremblay-Morrissette - Manager, Arts; Government of Yukon

Charlene Alexander – Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism

Lynn Feasey – Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism

Corrie Gallienne – Arts Advisor, Arts Section, Yukon Government

Eric Epstein – Yukon Arts Centre

Mary Bradshaw – Yukon Arts Centre

Michele Emslie – Yukon Arts Centre


March 8-11, 2018

Please mark the date on your calendars; we look forward to hosting you in Whitehorse!